E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce gives you 24-hour availability - your shop never closes

The DAS Team

What is e-commerce

E-commerce means the sale and purchase of goods and services over electronic systems such as the Internet.

What do you need?

A website with a shopping application and a means of accepting online payments. This means you need a merchant account so you can accept card payments through an online payment gateway. If you don’t currently have a merchant account then we can advise you on how to apply and help through the process.

Whatever your needs we can write custom shopping cart and online payment gateway solutions so you can get on with your business.

Starting from scatch

DAS can write a bespoke site for you including a shopping cart. Get in touch and our experts will discuss how we can maximise your sales business potential.

Upgrading an existing site

If you already have a website and just want to add a shopping cart and payment gateway please send an enquiry to us.

What Next

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