IT Consultants and Legacy Systems

Many organisations still have to rely on legacy systems, for example those written in Cold Fusion. If you find yourself in this situation, this may not necessarily be a bad thing, however, a number issues may be of concern.

Time and Resources

Ongoing Management Of Your Legacy System

  • Over time you may have lost the in-house resources necessary to maintain your legacy system, usually through staff changes.
  • A current third-party provider may no longer be able to support your system for you.
  • Your business has changed and you would like to discuss how your system could be made to meet your new needs.
  • Your system runs on old equipment, which is no longer supported.

Changes To Your Legacy System

  • Your system has been running fine but you now need a small, large or series of upgrades.
  • You think your system is still adequate for your needs but you would like to discuss options for the future.
  • Your business has outgrown your system, which now needs updating.
  • Your system does not comply with the latest ISO legislation.

Supporting and Managing Legacy Systems

All IT systems, new or old, require on-going management and support. Finding yourself with no support for legacy systems is unsettling. Don't worry, DAS can analyse your system and give you a range of management and support options so you know that your system is live and your data is safe and useable.

DAS can offer every level of system management and support, whether it is in-house at your business or in our secure hosting facility. Even if you have in-house support staff, DAS can tailor the arrangement so that we only perform the tasks required, while enabling your staff to perform efficiently.

Upgrading legacy systems

There are lots ways an organisation may want to upgrade a system. Whether you want a small feature set you have identified as necessary to maximise your profits or a full rewrite, the experts at DAS can do all the work for you from analysis to staff training, so you can get back on with what you do best.

Organisations can sometimes be concerned about handing control of IT systems to third party experts, as they may feel they have lost control. You can relax as the experts at DAS are your product enablers and always recognise that our customers, the product owners, are the real experts. Although we may encourage or suggest features and changes, you the product owner are the expert and we make sure you are fully engaged.

Migrating legacy systems

One day, the cost and inconvenience of maintaining a legacy system will tip the balance in favour of a change. Not only can we help you make that decision but we can also migrate your system to more current and sustainable languages or platforms.

Documenting legacy systems

You may want to train new staff to manage a legacy system in-house and need your system analysing and documenting to start the process. Alternatively, you may be considering putting support for your system out to tender and do not have the skills necessary to start the process. The experts at DAS can help with this process and take away the uncertainties of not having a full understanding of your product.

Leased systems

When first installed, leased systems can appear cost effective but as an organisation grows the costs can become a burden. Our experts can analyse the requirements of your organisation and write a system suited to your individual needs, freeing up vital capital. We can offer various support packages or help you train in-house staff to do this.

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