Newsprints for Newspapers

Newsprints has been an invaluable asset in our photo sales drive and the support has always been helpful and promt.

Mrs Diane Townsend. Archant CM Ltd

NewsPrints provide their stable of 723 Newspapers with online marketing websites and in September 2013 we passed a milestone with the fulfilment of their 500,000th Internet order. NewsPrints are now the leading system for online photo sales and has seamlessly generated £15,479,232.00 in sales revenue, as of the 1st September 2013.

NewsPrints are a complete one-stop solution for uploading and selling your photographs. Indeed Newsprints is now a generic term for photo-sales.

Who is it for

Any organisation with a collection of photographs they want to sell. This brief list may help - newspapers, magazines, publishers, football clubs, rugby clubs, museums, etc.


A short and by not full list of features:-

  • No complex merchant accounts are required as NewsPrints take care of customer payments and order fulfilment
  • Browser or FTP upload portals
  • Customise the look of the sales sites and feel to match your branding
  • Newsprints hosts your files and data in a secure environment
  • Customisable search options
  • Counter sales module
  • Advertising options
  • Multi level user accounts
  • Back Office tools for managing your site include control of prices, postage, products offered, categories, gallery slideshows, full order and finance reporting, secure sales options, skinning, custom HTML sections, display elements, order tracking and much more
  • Order management options
  • Telesales with the option managed by Newsprints or your own staff
  • Profit reporting
  • Traffic reporting


DAS will liaise with your IT and sales staff to set up your sales site and integrate uploads. Once set up you can count on Newsprints to generate revenue.

  • Greater control for sales staff
  • Easy to promote profit streams
  • Telesales marketing
  • Telesales by site
  • Telesales by group
  • Picture request processing
  • Telephone sales and counter sales

IT Support

DAS prides itself on having the best IT support in the business just a phone call away. Best of all its free.

I really appreciated the tuition yesterday, it has opened all sorts of new possibilities!

Jane Chippindale. Digital Services,Yorkshire Post Newspapers

Tele and Counter sales for photo orders and Newspaper page prints

50% of UK Readers buying photographs or prints off newspaper or buying prints of newspaper pages for display still prefer to either drop into their local Newspaper office. This is where the Photo Order system creates the opportunity to take the cash over the counter and order the product for the Readers. These orders can either be set to collect from the sales office increasing foot traffic or posted directly to the Readers home.

Alternatively Readers may phone a Tele Sales number directly, the tele sales sales person has the at their finger tips a very powerful photo order system. This system allows the selling of Photographs or newspaper pages as display prints to their Readers by phone.

Other opportunities within the Photo Order sales system allows for the brokerage of images commercially at agreed price after negotiation to businesses alongside the opportunity to syndicate and sell images again at an agreed price. Also the selling of images to other Media businesses, being that an image sold for home display may have a value to the Readers of ten pounds, while a commercial display of an image for exhibition may have a value of one hundred pounds.

By the same token an image used internationally in an Ad campaign will have a value far in excess of such sales rates. Cumulatively the Tele sales system creates the opportunity to sell to Readers by phone media assets as prints or at a brokered price with agreed usage rights into the wide world of the news business.

The system also includes the opportunity to proof email Light Boxes of images, send out sales emails to previous Readers of collectable images for their appraisal. Other utilities within the Tele Sales system allows the sales team to:

  • Take payment by use of a Credit Card
  • Email the Readers a pro-former invoice activated into print upon receipt of a cheque or a Postal Order.
  • Pay by invoice for commercial client or Media groups with accounts.

Bespoke upgrades

Periodically we have upgraded Newsprints based on an individual clients needs.

Lots of the important features we have in our services and websites were added at the request of our clients. It isn’t possible to apply all of the features that our 700 plus newspapers would like but all requests are looked at individually. If a newspaper requests a feature to share among all of our other sites, including their competitors and DAS agree to the request then it may be free or lower cost (depending on value). If a newspaper requests a feature only they will be able to use then this will usually be quoted for and charged normally.

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