Photo Order Web Album & Photo Sales System

The Photo Order system is probably the most versatile system available on the market allowing opportunities that other systems do not offer. You are able to publish your photographs very quickly, allowing you to realise additional sales with great customer service.

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Photo Order is a complete one-stop solution for uploading, managing and selling photographs via the Internet. It provides the tools for whoever is selling the images (Image Owners) to grow their business and prosper in the Internet age by helping businesses establish themselves as innovators in digital imaging services and build stronger relationships with their customers

Photo Order is a mature system that has proved it’s worth, having created over £15.5 million in sales over the past decade. In 2012 the system managed 89,775 orders, which generated £2.2 million in sales from over 50 million Internet page views.

Who is Photo Order for?

DAS designed Photo Order in collaboration with Professional Photographers and Laboratory Owners for any Image Owner with a collection of images that they want to sell. With it’s Automation Server facility, Photo Order can provide an ‘upload and forget’ business model equally suited to an individual as much as large organisations with millions of images. Image Owners can accept orders themselves, or direct them to a photographic laboratory that will typically provide them with the Photo Order service.

I already have a website or could this be my website?

Photo Order is Internet based so all that any user requires, be it a photographic laboratory, an Image Owner or their customers, is an Internet connection and a simple browser. The system can be the Image Owner’s own website, or it can be accessed through a link from any other website page.

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For the Image Owner there are unlimited levels of category/galleries available, which can be labeled as required. This will allow Image Owners to sell any kind of image and organize them in any way they want. The appearance of the system can be customized right down to the lowest level of category, allowing a common look for their whole site, different looks for different types of image and even a different look for individual images.

Through the Photo Order system both laboratories and Image Owners can offer unlimited combinations of prices for products, sizes, quantities and service times. Any of these standard combinations can be overwritten by special deals or discounts, which can apply right down to an individual picture.

By using the Photo Order Application Service Provider (ASP) model provided by DAS, Image Owners can be up and running in hours without the need for any capital investment. This will immediately add value to their business by benefitting from the ‘pay as you go’ ASP model, provided by DAS.

Features & Benefits

A short and by no means a full list:


  • Browser or FTP upload to website
  • Customise the look and feel to match your branding
  • DAS hosts your images and data in a secure environment
  • Customisable search options
  • Counter sales module
  • Telesales module
  • No need for complex merchant accounts for Internet sales for Image Owners
  • Back Office tools for managing your site include control of prices, postage, products offered, categories, gallery slideshows, full order and finance reporting, secure sales options, skinning, custom HTML sections, display adverts, order tracking, traffic reporting and much more . . . . . . .

Benefits for Photographic Laboratories

  • Develops a stronger relationship with image owners
  • Establishes laboratory as an innovative digital imaging service provider, helping it’s customers keep up with new technology
  • Delivers digital imaging benefits to film based customers
  • Helps the laboratory attract new customers
  • Allows image owners the opportunity to sell more pictures - therefore more print sales will result
  • Provides opportunities for selling ‘add-on’ services E.g. scanning, retouching, film sales, frames, large format etc.

Benefits for Image Owners

  • Gives image owners an on-line system to provide web albums and photo sales to their customers
  • Delivers an improved & expanded service to customers
  • Reaches more customers, 24/7 with no geographical boundaries
  • Reduces risk of customer’s copying proof prints
  • System can be accessed through Image Owner’s website providing opportunity for increased exposure
  • Spend more time acquiring pictures
  • Profit from being more speculative with images
  • No debt chasing for Internet orders where laboratory collects payment
  • Freed from print re-order administration
  • Increased exposure drives higher sales and promotes other services

Benefits to Customers

  • Images available to view sooner
  • More choice in image purchasing
  • 24/7 access to buy images
  • Easier and quicker to buy prints
  • Simplified ordering
  • Faster delivery of prints

DAS will liaise with your IT and sales staff to set up your sales site and integrate uploads. Once set up you can count on Photo Order to generate revenue.

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