Web Site Design and Usability

A website can add value to your business and be a tool for you to expand your customer base

The DAS Team

Our 3 Basic Rules

With over 15 years experience in designing websites for clients, the experts at DAS have learnt a few things. We distilled it down to a few basics rules.

Always listen to the client
Over a few conversations we can garner what clients want and turn a conversation into a web friendly list of requirements.

Know the audience and what they are looking for
We can add to what clients already know with our experience and research.

Make it useful
A website is not just a visual presence on the Internet, it should add value to your business and be a tool for you to expand your customer base.

Upgrading an existing site

Websites must continually evolve and be refined to meet the increasing demands of your audience or client base, as well as reflect the progressing technologies and new browser versions.

As time goes by, you may see the usefulness of adding a search tool, automated forms, a mailing list database or other interactive functions. You may discover better ways to organize your information or improve the usability of your site.

You may also come up with more features to add which do nothing more than help provide some benefit to your visitors, which is a sure-fire way to build a rapport with future clients or customers.

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Starting from scatch

Don't worry. Call us and we will take it from there. If you need a quote before committing too much time we can do that too.

The Process

  • A face-to-face meeting to discuss your requirements.
  • Provide a range of cost options.
  • Demonstrate a look and feel template.
  • Design and code the application/website.
  • Alpha test with client input.
  • Launch the application/website.

The benefits of having a modern website

While you’re occupied with servicing your current customers, new customers can still find out about your company, view your products, email you, and place orders through your website.

It keeps your audience informed. Update customers in real-time, announce new products, services and sales.

It’s always available. A website is a 24/7, 365 days a year storefront; and it’s accessible from anywhere in the world.

It’s an avenue for dialogue. Build repeat business with your customers by providing consistent and relevant information. It can help identify new business opportunities, solicit customer and supplier feedback for valuable information about market demand and new ways to meet it.

It’s an affordable medium. Unlike mass media, a quality web presence and online marketing don’t require a large investment. If done right, the returns are almost immediate; and unlike many forms of traditional media, the results are easily trackable.

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